• Avoid Multiple, Expensive Job Placement Ads
  • Avoid Long-term Hires for Short-term Needs
  • Get the Help you Need when you Need it
  • Matches Tailored to your Needs
  • We Handle Interviews & Background Checks
  • Work Cooperatively with your HR Deptartment



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SEASONED PROS  in the restaurant Business

our team is here for you

Our professional staff is centered on high-end customer service and meeting the needs of the chefs and establishments using The Line. From small chef-owned restaurants to boutique hotels & world-renowned bakery-restaurants to independent chains and resorts, our goal is to renew excitement and invigorate local market shares. We are creating relationships between innovative culinary talent and leading-edge restaurants through detailed interviews, personal visits, and phone access to a personal concierge.

The Line. Where the perfect match is duck soup!

“The Line delivered everything they promised. Our exchange program was a success!  Our chef gained experience as did we by having a new chef visit us.  We've also gained new relationships with those restaurants”

T. Akan, General Manager

"Wow! This really opens the doors to new cultural culinary perspectives and ideas.  To learn and grow and exchange with other respectable professionals and restaurants. The Line is amazing!" 

B. Douglas, Executive Chef

  • Does your restaurant want to have a chef from a new region join your kitchen to bring ideas?
  • Do you, as a chef, like to vacation by visiting new restaurants?



   ​      CHEFS:

  • Avoid Job Searching
  • Diversify your Portfolio 
  • Know the Opportunities Available 
  • Job Flexibility 
  • Gain Culinary & Cultural Experience
  • ​Share your Expertise
  • Travel with our National Registry of Restaurants
  • Would you, as a chef, like to move around and explore other local fare?
  • Would your restaurant like a new chef to join your kitchen every few months to bring something fresh or for seasonal staffing?


  • Are you a chef that wants to gain experience?
  • Are you a restaurant that wants a chef to visit your kitchen?

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