Shauna Volmrich, owner

With over 20 years of restaurant experience & the kind of social fluency that makes her equally at ease in a Michelin Guide 3 Star establishment as she is at a Dominican chimi stand, Shauna brings her expertise and passion for hospitality to bear on your challenges. Her talent for seeing the individuality of each restaurant and chef gives The Line a special advantage in matching assets with opportunities.

Shauna and her team are the perfect complement to provide a comprehensive approach in any circumstance. Elevate your offerings and invigorate your guests’ experience with our curated placement and coaching services.

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We are culinary talent brokers. We are NOT a high-volume job search or job posting website. However for far less than the cost of most hospitality and culinary job posting websites we’ll personally pair the right chefs with the right establishments! So whether you’re a chef or a restaurateur, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re in need of restaurant coaching services, personal enrichment, collaboration event planning, or fresh talent to give your business a boost, The Line is the place to make it happen. Expanding fresh, local cuisine from region to region by showcasing standout talents in each chef is our vision. We are excited about supporting leading-edge establishments as they smash the boundaries of culinary convention. Let our passion for hospitality and cuisine invigorate your business.

Who we are Not

We curate and provide culinary talent & enrichment as well as comprehensive consulting services for passionate chefs and the establishments that need them. We build community through partnering local chefs together to collaborate for local farm, winery, and brewery dining events. Leave all the coordinating and planning to us!

Our approach is exceedingly personal and our goal is to put the right people in the right place at the right time. Whether you’re a chef or a high-end culinary establishment, we want to make a match that starts a fire. Take the hassle out of finding or filling an opening. Let us pair you with the perfect chef to spark innovation & inspire your guests to come back again and again. Don’t just fill a job. Infuse your establishment with freshness and excitement.

Coaching services include menu development, cost analyses, and hospitality standards assessment. We’ll tailor a results-focused strategy based on your unique needs.



Who we are