Customer service is the number one job of front-of-the-house staff.  Without excellent customer service, even the best of chefs may not succeed. The Line will do a complete analysis of the level of the customer service all front staff are providing including host, bar, and servers.  We will develop a plan to ensure your restaurant is giving the highest level of customer service with the best staff. 


Does your kitchen create or simply follow recipes? Having a cohesive and creative back-of-the-house that can communicate with each other and front-of-the-house properly is key to your success. All staff, especially kitchen staff needs to be conscientious of waste and food cost to keep margins in line with your budget.  We take pride in our diligence in properly staffing knowledgeable and respectful kitchen crews.


Customer Service Analyses

Menu and customer service is what brings guests back to your restaurant.  Keeping your menu in-season, local, fresh, innovative and soulful is essential.  Whether a menu needs to be completely re-developed or your kitchen just needs some guidance from seasoned professional chefs, our team will ensure you have a menu customized for your restaurant and region to keep guests coming back!





Appropriate food cost and proper margins are essential for your restaurant to succeed.  Also knowing the best purveyors to meet your specific needs is key.  Our chef on staff will visit your restaurant to observe service and review ordering and storage procedures.  A comprehensive food cost and waste analysis will be given along with a review of purveyors.

Having proper staff that is giving the utmost customer service is essential, not only to guest satisfaction but for your budget as well.  We will review staffing and scheduling needs to best accommodate your restaurant for customer service and your bottom line.

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